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100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
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Around me, I all sorts of friends who are into collagen. They take daily capsules or mix it into their super healthy smoothies. Or even into their coffee. I've considered taking it myself before. But so far, I wasn't convinced. What I do, and have been doing for years, is stimulate my own collagen production by the way I care for my skin. With results. I'm 54, almost 55. And I regularly receive compliments about my skin looking so young. I am not into botox or fillers. I love the natural way. Yes, I do a little face yoga and I use a guacha stone. But the basic effect is in my skincare routine and healthy diet. Here are 8 tips to boost your collagen!

In this blog, I'm going to go through everything with you about collagen. From stimulating your own collagen production from the outside, to nourishing your collagen production with your diet and taking pure collagen supplements daily from the inside. Read until the end for the 8 tips to boost your collagen.

"If you want to maintain a beautiful skin for much longer, like me, then this might be interesting for you."

How to boost collagen ?

Before we take a look at how to boost your collagen, you need to know what collagen is. Collagen turns out to be a protein that naturally occurs in our bodies. It forms an essential part of our skin, bones, joints, and connective tissue. And it's responsible for maintaining the structure and firmness of our skin, keeping it looking young and healthy. It seems like something everyone would want, right? I certainly do. Let's take a look inside the skin. The elastin protein fibers provide the elasticity of your skin, and therefore its resilience.

Does your skin bounce back after expression or external influences, or is the elasticity a bit lacking?

As we age, the skin contains fewer elastin protein fibers. In addition to elastin, collagen protein contributes to the firmness of the skin. Collagen is the main protein in human connective tissue and is predominantly present in the dermis, the second layer of our skin.

Boost Collagen from your diet

The beauty is that your body can produce collagen from your daily diet.

The condition is:

  • that your diet must be truly healthy and contain sufficient proteins, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, sulfur, and copper daily, and many other minerals and trace elements too.
  • another condition is that your digestive fire must burn well to break down all that you eat. If the digestive fire burns well you body is able to absorb what you take in.
  • And last but not least is that your intestines must be clean so that all the healthy things you eat can actually be absorbed.


"In that sense, you are not what you eat, but what your body can absorb."


Later on, I will discuss foods and supplements that stimulate collagen production, and I will even mention a few dishes that contain pure collagen.

Should I take collagen?

When you take collagen in supplement form, it should, ideally (because your intestines can only absorb it into the bloodstream if they are clean and healthy enough), be absorbed into the bloodstream. And your blood goes everywhere if your circulation is good. So if your blood circulation is good, the collagen you have absorbed through your intestines is transported to various parts of your body. 

Think of all the collagen in your skin, nails, and hair. But collagen also makes your tendons more supple. And collagen helps reduce joint pain. It also nourishes your cartilage. It's a miracle. It supports your second skin layer, the dermis. Which can makes wrinkles fade. Your skin becomes firmer again.

Maybe it's smart to start taking collagen after all…???

The most absorbable form of collagen is natural collagen. A form that the body recognizes. Then it is easier for the body to digest and absorb it. Some talk about fish collagen (also called marine collagen), others talk about making bone broth from beef bones or chicken bones. For the vegans among us, there is no good animal-free alternative that is just as effective. But you can support the body's own capacity to produce collagen.

The benefits of collagen

Taking collagen can have various benefits, such as:

  • reducing wrinkles and fine lines,
  • improving skin elasticity,
  • strengthening nails, and
  • promoting healthy hair.
  • It can also help reduce joint pain and
  • improve overall bone and connective tissue health.

But this type of nutrition with natural collagen deeply nourishes all your tissues and also stimulates blood production. So probably, if it is absorbed well into your bloodstream, it helps with even more processes in your body, and you will probably feel better and sleep better and it may also reduce dark circles.

The condition is that it concerns natural collagen from healthy food. 

But how do you boost your collagen production from the outside? 

Read below: 8 tips to boost your collagen

It's smart, if you want to maintain beautiful skin, to also stimulate collagen production through your own skincare routine. So from the outside. The benefits of this may be even more visible and support the process of aging beautifully and elegantly.

And let's face it: who wouldn't want that? Aging beautifully and elegantly

In our 4-step ritual, we have 4 steps that all stimulate the natural collagen production of the skin in their own way. Let's have a closer look:

  1. So, step 1, our exfoliating cleanser has a strong collagen-boosting effect. And you will see this quickly with daily use. Our cleanser encourages you to massage your skin, which stimulates your blood circulation, thereby increasing collagen production. In addition, the small soft particles have an exfoliating effect, which stimulates the skin to produce even more collagen. So the effect is twofold.
  2. Step 2, with hyaluron and symphytum, promotes natural collagen production. These ingredients stimulate the skin's natural production.
  3. Step 3 contains a lot of vitamin A, a natural alternative to harmful and synthetic retinol (which disrupts your skin). Vitamin A has a smoothing, healing effect on the skin and stimulates collagen production. In addition to vitamin A, it also contains vitamin C, B, and a lot of E. Your skin gets a healthy glow with step 3 and gives your skin a real boost.
  4. And then there is our favorite Repair step 4. The ingredient Ectoin bitop, a natural amino acid and super antioxidant, repairs your skin. Cells are repaired, and the skin's own collagen production is greatly increased. UV damage is reduced. And your skin gets an immediate hydrating boost. A topper in skincare.

How do you ensure that your body can produce enough collagen on it's own?

The ideal situation is that you follow our 8 tips to boost your collagen ensure beautiful skin.

  1. make sure your digestive fire is in good condition. Or otherwise if it is not and you are often bloated, consult an Ayurvedic therapist like Ewa Panas. If your digestive fire is burning well, then you can take high quality collagen supplements. The fire will digest the collagen and after a while your skin will show. But if it is not burning wel, you better don't take them, because your stomach won't like it and your small intestines will make you bloated and feel bad. None of the collagen will be absorbed. Your body will just be clogged with unabsorbable collagen.
  2. through clean healthy intestines (very gentle intestinal detox) so that the absorbability of supplements and food is high, and collagen actually reaches your skin through your bloodstream. Your small intestine ensures that food enters your bloodstream.
  3. by eating naturally healthy mineral- and vitamin-rich food. The minerals needed to help the body produce collagen itself are: Zinc, Msm (sulfur), Copper, Selenium, Iodine, Iron, Boron, Manganese, Cobalt, Silicium, and many other minerals and trace elements. Therefore, eat unprocessed and organic food, especially vegetables, fruits, proteins, and a very small amount of fresh unprocessed whole grains.
  4. take a liquid ionic mineral supplement, take your B vitamins, and optionally take a collagen supplement.
  5. Use our skincare, the 4-step skincare routine from MOTHR EARTH PROOF®, to stimulate your collagen production every day.
  6. Eat pure natural collagen rich food regularly such as bone broth, eggs and more natural collagen rich food. 
  7. Take vitamin C in the form of ground Rosehip powder. And supplement this with an Msm (sulfur) supplement.
  8. In addition, move in a gentle way, so that your blood circulation gets going and your energy level increases. Yoga and Qi gong are great ways to become very supple and resilient. You will notice it in the firmness of your skin and the suppleness of your joints and tendons.

In short, both healthy mineral-rich unprocessed eating, gentle exercise, taking collagen supplements, and using collagen-stimulating skincare, such as the 4 steps of MOTHR EARTH PROOF®, can contribute to healthy and youthful-looking skin, each in their own effective way.

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