it's all about Balance

Your skin

"I believe that your skin is a dynamic reflection of what you eat, how you feel, breathe, move, the thoughts you have, and how balanced you are."

Andrea, founder of Mothr Earth Proof®

100% natural

Skin beauty first

"Only natural skincare can bring you lasting anti-aging effects: more hydration, less oiliness, fading lines, preventing acne, preventing inflammation, and bringing you ageless beauty."

high % effective fyto-nutrients

Quality ingredients

"The quality of your skincare matters. That is why we use high-performance ingredients—100% natural—in high percentages, along with pure botanicals to meet your skin's needs."

most effective skincare

Layered skincare

"We believe in layered skincare. Only layers of hydration, nutrition, repair, and protection will meet your skin's needs. Each layer builds up and locks in powerful ingredients to work on your skin for long hours. Result: no more dry skin, no tightness, no wrinkles. " This is true anti-aging skincare.

nature for true balance

A healthy look is a balanced one

"Many factors influence it, but one factor stands out in its direct influence. In our Japanese Inspired Skin Philosophy, we emphasize the empirically proven one-on-one relationship with the diet you follow. This means that what you eat will show in your skin."

SU SHOKU DO SO - 5 tips for balance

Eat unprocessed food

Eat only unprocessed, clean and real food without additives. If you want to have a clear and beautiful skin. It will keep your skin inflammation-free and balanced.

Me time everyday

have some me time everday. It is important that you do an exercise during this time that gives you energy, peace and a clear empty mind (no thoughts).

Breathe before sleeping

Before sleeping, lay down and do a simple breathing exercise to empty your mind, release the day and become still.

Think positive

Keep your thoughts clean. Make sure to be in a positive environment that stimulates, inspires and brings you energy. The focus of your thoughts will determine the outcome of your life.

Drink a lot of water and herbal tea

It matters for your skin and brain health what you eat but also what you drink. Avoid drinking cold drinks, alcohol, coffee and dairy products. Drink skin cleansing tea everyday.