General Terms

Please find the General Terms in Dutch language here

Article 1. Identity of the entrepreneur

  • MOTHR EARTH PROOF® – organic skincare ritual (hereinafter "MOTHR EARTH®”)
  • Chopinstraat 2, 
  • 1077 GN Amsterdam, 
  • the Netherlands
  • Chamber of Commerce number: 67881688
  • VAT identification number NL 002213641B37
  • Mail address:


Article 2. Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions apply to every offer of MOTHR EARTH® and to every agreement between MOTHR EARTH® and a consumer or other buyer through the website of MOTHR EARTH® (hereinafter "consumer").
  2. An agreement is only concluded after (i) the consumer has accepted an offer from MOTHR EARTH®, (ii) MOTHR EARTH® has confirmed receipt of the acceptance of the offer and (iii) the consumer has paid the amount due according to the accepted offer .
  3. MOTHR EARTH® has the right to refuse orders, for example if, due to their size, they are clearly not intended for personal use, due to returns or due to late payments.

Article 3. Right of withdrawal

  1. The consumer can dissolve an agreement during a cooling-off period of 14 days without reason. The consumer can send an e-mail to  for this purpose and return it to MOTHR EARTH®. Products that have been opened and used (broken seal of the cardboard packaging and glass packaging as well as damage to the packaging) cannot be dissolved.
  2. This cooling-off period starts on the day after the consumer, or a third party designated in advance by the consumer, who is not the carrier, has received the product, or:
          • if the consumer has ordered several products in the same order: the day on which the consumer, or a third party designated by him, has received the last product.
          • if the delivery of a product consists of several shipments or parts: the day on which the consumer, or a third party designated by him, has received the last shipment or the last part;
          • in the case of agreements for regular delivery of products during a certain period: the day on which the consumer, or a third party designated by him, has received the first product.
  1. The consumer will only receive the money back for products for which the consumer has dissolved the contract within 14 days and which have been received back by MOTHR EARTH® within 14 days after cancellation in the original condition and packaging (undamaged, unopened and unused), stating the information as provided. 
  2. The consumer returns the product with all accessories supplied, and in accordance with the instructions provided by MOTHR EARTH®.
  3. The risk and the burden of proof for the correct and timely exercise of the right of withdrawal lie with the consumer.
  4. The costs of return shipment are for the consumer.

Article 4. Delivery

  1. The place of delivery is the address that the consumer has made known to MOTHR EARTH®.
  2. With due observance of what is stated in article 2 of these general terms and conditions, MOTHR EARTH® will execute accepted orders expeditiously but at the latest within 30 days, unless a different delivery period has been agreed. If the delivery is delayed, or if an order cannot or only partially be executed, the consumer will be notified of this no later than 30 days after he has placed the order. In that case, the consumer has the right to dissolve the agreement without costs and is entitled to any compensation.
  3. After dissolution in accordance with the previous paragraph, MOTHR EARTH® will immediately refund the amount paid by the consumer.
  4. In case of delivery outside the Netherlands, the risk of damage and/or loss of products rests with the consumer from delivery to the carrier.

Article 5. Use and Liability

  1. The products supplied by MOTHR EARTH® are intended for the care of the face, neck and décolleté skin. They are not intended and may not be suitable for use in the eyes, nose or other body orifices. Although purely natural, they are also not suitable for ingestion. MOTHR EARTH® is not liable for any use other than that for which the products are intended.
  2. Many of the products supplied by MOTHR EARTH® are high in natural fats and naturally colored ingredients and can therefore cause color and grease stains. MOTHR EARTH® is not liable for this.
  3. The products contain the ingredients listed on the packaging. The consumer must check for herself whether she is allergic to it. If that is the case, the consumer will not use the product in question.
  4. In the event of an unexpected allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician. MOTHR EARTH® is not liable for this.
  5. MOTHR EARTH® is solely responsible for the quality of its products and the effect of its products on the skin (subject to the provisions of paragraph 3).
  6. MOTHR EARTH®'s liability is limited to an amount equal to the purchase price of the product in question.

Article 6. Late Payment and Disputes

  • If the consumer does not meet his payment obligation(s) in time, after he has been informed by MOTHR EARTH® of the late payment and MOTHR EARTH® has granted the consumer a period of 14 days to still meet his payment obligations, after the If payment is not made within this 14-day period, the statutory interest will be due on the amount still due and MOTHR EARTH will be entitled to charge the extrajudicial and judicial collection costs incurred by it. These extrajudicial collection costs amount to: 15% on outstanding amounts up to € 2,500; 10% on the next € 2,500.= and 5% on the next € 5,000.=, always with a minimum of € 40.=.
  • Only Dutch law applies to an agreement between MOTHR EARTH and a consumer.