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Natural means....?

The concept of 'natural' is increasingly ambiguous in the skincare industry today, even within the realm of green and eco-conscious brands.

Many companies claim to be environmentally friendly, yet many products contain minimal natural ingredients, relying instead on fillers and synthetic compounds that offer little benefit and may even harm or dry out the skin.

In the quest to capture market share, numerous skincare brands prioritize commercial interests over genuine care for nature, our planet, and the well-being of your skin.

Earth is our shareholder


We must emphasize our deep connection with nature.

Since the beginning, our passion has revolved around the wonders of nature: the rich array of butters, oils, herbs, flowers, and extracts it bestows upon us each year, throughout every season.

We hold immense gratitude for Mother Earth, recognizing the profound benefits that natural ingredients bring to our skin.

To us natural means this

In our complex world we want to be very clear about the word natural.

The first meaning of natural

The word Natural means to us that whenever we can we work with 100% natural ingredients. Because we believe that’s most effective and healthy for your skin and our planet.

Definition of 100% natural

Natural: Unmodified substances from nature obtained physically (e.g., from plants) or from microorganisms (e.g., from fermentation).

The second meaning naturally derived

The second meaning of what 'natural' means to us is that we need to mix oil and water. Therefore we need natural derived emulgators and other natural derived ingredients.

definition of naturally derived

Derived natural : Substances modified from those found in nature using allowed chemical reaction processes. Derived natural substances must only come from 100% natural ingredients (no synthetics).

The third meaning nature identical

The third meaning of what 'natural' means to us is that we do not use scarce ingredients. For example extracting vit c from oranges for use in skincare, is not what we do. We would need tons and tons of oranges just for skincare. That's not ethical. Another example of unethical ingredient use is the use sandalwood or rose wood oil. In those cases we use a good natural alternative or nature identical ingredients.

When  ingredients are harvested in ways that damages the natural environment or is depleting a landscape or community, we will not use it. Only when the natural & social environment profits from growing certain ingredients we will support it by buying ingredients.

Definition of nature identical

Nature-identical : substances that are reproduced in the lab but can be found in nature too. We only allow a selective list of pigments, minerals and preservatives, and only when strictly necessary to ensure consumer safety and the purity of ingredients.

Vegan is plant based

Vegan means 100% natural to us

Vegan ingredients are plants and parts of plants, flowers, roots, fruits, botanical extracts, plant essences and other plant parts.

In all our choices WE PROMOTE NATURE, because that is what who we are.


Our choices anno 2024

NO Greenwashing

We say NO to greenwashing! We don't like and we don't believe in it.

Transparent ingredient use

We are proud of our ingredients. And we want to be transparent about them. Look at our ingredients page.

Clarity on what natural means

This page is about what natural means to us. You can read it above and see the definitions. So you know exactly what it means to us.

No animal cruelty

We do not test on animals. And also in our packaging choice we think of all the animals that are wrestling with plastic or even eat it. So we minimize our plastic use. Our bottles are violet and green glass.

vegan ingredients

We only use plant- based ingredients.

clarity on what vegan means

We clearly state that vegan means plant-based instead of animal derived.

Human rights respecting

In everything we do we respect human rights.

Footprint responsible

We feel and act footprint responsible. We started that way and will continue reducing our footprint everytime we have a new choice to make.

no unethical ingredient use

We do not use scarce ingredients.

Recyclable packaging

We focus on recyclable packaging. Therefore we choose to use violet and green glass to protect our natural ingredients. Our paper is 100% recyclable and sourced from sustainable forest. Our lids and caps are from 100% recyclable PET.

We limit the use of plastic.

we promote a plastic free world

We would love to be able to ban the use of plastic for 100%. At this moment for us it is not yet possible to realize that. But we keep setting our goals the years ahead.