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100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
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How to get back that healthy pre-summer look ASAP! 

Before summer, I always do my best to look good, to have that most beautiful glow, I work my figure, have that beautiful healthy skin, eat healthy. To enjoy to the fullest during summer. I just love the sun. I love to go out. It gives pleasure, happiness, energy. Everything I want to have forever without limitation.


Back from my days off, I look in the mirror and the balance I feel inside is less visible outside. I take a shower, and I notice I have a bit of after summer hair loss, my hairdresser always talks about. Don't worry I can stop it😎 (read below how).

What does the sun and the summer do to our skin? And 5 tips to get that beautiful pre-summer glow back as soon as possible! 


Your skin has thickened because of the sun. It can feel a bit rougher and flakier and is in desperate need of exfoliation, nourishment and moisture and repair. The free radicals that are in your skin because of the UV radiation do not support your collagen and elastin fibers. The supporting tissue of our skin is reduced. Many of us have small pigment spots, little freckles, caused by UV radiation.


During summer, we have the tendency to eat a lot of raw vegetables to cool us during the hot days. We drink ice cold drinks, with extra ice in it. We eat ice creams. Most of us drink more alcohol. We tend to eat more fats, more unhealthy pleasure foods.

Our digestive system with all it’s supporting organs is really challenged during summer. Your Stomach and Spleen are put to the test. Your Liver is too. These 3 make the others suffer more. Your Large and Small Intestin have a hard time. Digestion is in TCM terms the core of your health. If it is compromised by the foods and drinks you take in, it will start to show, also in your skin, together with the UV radiation damage.

So here are our after summer tips:

OUTSIDE tips to get that beautiful glow back


Yes, it is true. Use our scrub & shine | facial wake-up call. This is the perfect step 1 to take right now. Did you know that this SCRUB & SHINE has multiple functions?

  • It cleanses
  • it nourishes deep
  • it takes away dead skin cells
  • it brings in moisture
  • it takes away the black pores
  • It stimulates blood circulation
  • It works as a detox because of the careful chosen composition with green tea
  • It is a nourishing mask (if you have more time)Step 1 SCRUB & SHINE is soo gentle, perfect for dry skin, but also will it bring balance to oily skins. Your skin will recover soon from sun and summer and get back to shine.

     2. USE STEP 2 SERUM | skin drink

    • After Step 1 scrub, you do want to use the moisture of Step 2 SERUM | skin drink to replenish all the moist your skin has missed so much during summer, because of sun exposure. But in moisturizing you also need Step 3 to boost your vitality back to your normal glow. Step 3 ELIXIR | vitamin bomb is the most precious composition of botanical extracts full of anti oxidants that catch the free radicals built up in your skin. All together these steps will bring your skin back to life again. Your blood circulation is promoted, your dull skin will soon be glowing again. Give your skin the full after summer treatment it deserves!  Step 4 is about REPAIR. Full of precious botanicals together with power ingredient Ectoin®, your skin will stand the test of time easily. Ectoin is able to repair damaged skin cells, and to give hydration up to 7 days. Ectoin® is a true high performance ingredient, to keep that ageless look and get your healthy pre-summer look back ASAP!  


    INSIDE tips to restore your skin

    3. Restore your digestion

    There are 3 things your Stomach and Spleen like. 1. Eat hot meals & drink hot water, 2. Eat hot meals & drink hot water, 3. Eat and drink hot!! That is how important it is for your digestion to eat & drink hot. It takes less time and energy to digest if you eat and drink warm. You will feel less bloated after some time, your head will clear up. Treat your stomach like a baby. Really take care.

    4. Start a bit of a detox

    Very simple. Just drink 5 cups of coriander, cumin and fennel tea every day for 3 months. It will cleanse your tissues, clear up your foggy head (that also happens when your digestion is getting worse), clear your running nose, and forehead. It will restore your digestion. And it will clear your skin and gut.

    5. Take extra minerals and vit B-complex

    To help your skin and hair, it is important to take some extra minerals that can be well absorbed. So a liquid ionic multi mineral complex will help enormously. Take also organic silicium. Together with a quality full B-vitamin complex. Specially folic acid (secret....helps your hair grow👌), B2, and B12 will help restore the quality of your hair, nails, skin.



    Andrea, founder en ceo of MOTHR EARTH PROOF® organic skincare ritual has an official background in western and eastern medicine, and has a lot of knowledge on how our bodies and skins work. When we talk about organs, we talk about them in the TCM-way. We talk about organs and their meridians as life organic energy functions, and explicitly not about the physical organ.

    Nothing in our blogs is meant to cure any disease or is a diagnosis. 

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