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100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
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Oh my summer skin... how do you survive??

Do you often wonder how to best care for your skin during summer? With the need to apply SPF and maintain your skincare routine, it can be confusing to determine the right approach. Is your regular skincare suitable for sun exposure, or for those moments when the sun unexpectedly shines a bit longer on your face? It's wonderful to enjoy the sun, but it's crucial to ensure your skincare routine is 100% beneficial for your skin. This is why I find plant-based, organic, and 100% natural products even more important during summer.

Summer skin suffers 

It's essential for my skincare to naturally offer gentle sun-protective properties. All natural ingredients should work together to protect my skin and skin barrier. While using SPF is a must, it should always be applied over your 4-step skincare routine, never as a substitute.

5 tips to get and keep that beautiful radiant summer skin

Prevent and Reduce Pigmentation Spots! Our Step 1 Scrub & Shine contains over 50% unrefined shea butter. Shea butter is known for its nourishing properties and has been an essential ingredient in African skincare for hundreds of years. Let me explain why shea butter is so beneficial for your skin. I'm thrilled that we can offer such an effective formula to make your skin glow.

Nearly all oils extracted from nuts consist of two parts: a saponifiable part and a non-saponifiable part. The saponifiable part is responsible for hydration, helping the skin retain moisture, which is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. The non-saponifiable part contains the nourishing properties that help repair and protect the skin. Most natural oils contain only about 1% of these nourishing properties, whereas shea butter contains between 5% and 17%, making it especially effective for summer skin care. By using our Scrub & Shine, you can prevent your skin from becoming inflamed and avoid most pigmentation spots. Inflamed skin is prone to pigmentation spots and other skin barrier damages. Do yourself a favor and use Step 1 Scrub & Shine from our 4-step skincare routine.

Maintain Skin Elasticity in the Sun: Our Step 1 Scrub & Shine, rich in healing shea butter, helps repair damaged skin, prevent dryness, and improve elasticity. It also protects against external influences and calms the skin, reducing irritation. This is particularly important in summer, when your skin is exposed to extreme conditions like sun, seawater, salt, sweat, sunscreen, chlorine, and wind. These factors can make your skin dull and gray or overly sensitive and inflamed. Using our 100% natural products can prevent all this. Check out our 4-step skincare routine and shop your summer routine here. It's the best thing you can do for your skin this summer.

Maintain Hydration Levels: Boost your skin's hydration by using Step 1 Scrub & Shine, Step 2 Super Hydrating Skin Drink Serum, and Step 3 our anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, vitamin-rich face oil: Elixir Vitamin Bomb. These three steps can keep your summer skin effortlessly radiant. After Step 1 Scrub & Shine, apply our extremely hydrating Step 2 Serum Skin Drink, and follow with Step 3 Elixir Vitamin Bomb to lock in moisture and keep your skin looking vital all summer long.

Extend Your Summer Glow: How wonderful is it to keep that summer glow on your skin? It always makes me feel a bit more beautiful, fresher, and sunnier. I love having a summer glow on my face so I hardly need any makeup. How do I achieve that? By using Step 1 Scrub & Shine to keep my skin deeply nourished, hydrated, and smooth, gently removing dead skin cells. Then, I care for my skin with Step 2 Serum Skin Drink and Step 3 Elixir Vitamin Bomb to nourish and lock in moisture.

Prevent and Repair Skin Damage Immediately: Step 4 Repair provides instant improvement for your skin damage. The super ingredient amino acid Ectoin Bitop has been scientifically proven to restore the skin barrier, repair damaged skin, and hydrate your skin for more than 7 days. In the summer, I use Step 4 as a night mask to fully restore my skin every night. In the morning, I wake up with a beautifully smooth skin.

Discover the power of our 4-step skincare routine for your summer skin. Keep glowing with our scientifically proven 100% natural ingredients. Your skin deserves to be naturally cared for!

Our Step 1 Scrub & Shine, with its high concentration of unrefined shea butter, makes the most of its skin-nourishing, pigment-spot-reducing, anti-inflammatory properties for your summer skin. The scrub gently exfoliates while the shea butter deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin. The result: a healthy, radiant skin well-protected against daily stressors. Experience the power of our luxurious 100% natural skincare and let your skin shine extra this summer!

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