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100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
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GUIDE | How to treat dry skin in winter?

Do you have dry skin? Here is your guide how to treat dry skin in winter.  On your path to a youthful look! Even during winter time!


How do I know if I have a dry skin?

A dry skin feels tight, often after washing. Dry skin is also sometimes painful. Pores are hardly noticeable, soo very small they are. Fines lines becoming easily deeper wrinkles. Most of the time dry skin shows expression wrinkles permanent. Dry skin wrinkles do not easily bounce back. Many people have dry skin, although its appearance may vary.  


Do you know how to treat dry skin during winter?

Most important for dry skins is that YOU know How to treat dry skin in winter. As MOTHR EARTH PROOF® skin expert, I will try to explain what you can do to help your dry skin become better.

The problem with dry skin:

  • is that it is not only an outer skin issue. 
  • It has a lot to do with your body’s constitution and more specific with the condition you are in at this moment.


A dry skin care routine that works

In this blog I will show you a path how to treat dry skin in winter, but also during the other seasons. In fact I will show you a path towards a beautiful youthful skin without dryness.

I will mention quick fix outside factors that help improve it. And I will mention inside factors that can improve your dry skin from within.

'This blog is written for everyone with dry skin or aging dry skin.'


Let’s take a closer look at dry skin

A dry skin is a skin that lacks moist and oils. Moisture and oils from digestion are absorbed in our bloodstream and transported throughout the body to nourish organs and all tissues. Including our skin. This food is then first nourishing and moistening the deeper layers of the skin: (e.g. the hyper dermis feeds the two outer layers of the skin: the dermis and the epidermis. In dry skin there is a lack of nourishing moist, oils, minerals and vitamins coming from digestion and the absorbance in the bloodstream. 

 Eventually a skin that is not nourished from the inside will become more dry and form wrinkles more easily. It will be very dry and crackable. Not  able to bounce back. So later in this blog we will give tips on how to treat dry skin, also in winter.


From the outside, dry skin has an absorbance issue

The dry skin that has been dry already for many years, without proper treatment, becomes unreceptive to skincare. The outer layer is so dry, that any form of skincare will not enter, not even the outer layers of the epidermis. The dry skin forms a shell of dried up - dead cells that prevent moisture and oils to be transported into a deeper layer of the skin, let’s say the stratum basale or the dermis.

‘Do you recognize that your dry skin will stay too oily with nourishing cream? And below the cream is still dry, as if nothing goes in? As if not absorbed?’

So if you have a dry skin and you want to know how to treat your dry skin during winter, you need to solve both the internal and the external absorbance issue. But carefully and balanced.


Outside treatment: how to treat dry skin in winter

  1. Enlarge the receptiveness of your skin by using our very gentle exfoliator Step 1 Exfoliating Scrub & Shine | facial wake-up call. Read also our blog on skin care routine | why it matters?
  2. Moisturize with Step 2 SERUM Hyaluron extreme moisture: immediately after scrubbing, rinsing and padding dry. Don’t leave your skin without moisture after cleansing. Not even for a minute. And specially not during autumn, winter and the colder season in general. Why? It will be able to absorb moist much better after Step 1 Exfoliating Scrub & Shine. And if you leave it without step 2, it will dry out and form a new unreceptive layer. 
  3. Feed your skin. When step 2 Serum is still wet, put on the step 3 face oil ELIXIR vitamin bomb and massage both step 2 and step 3 into your skin until you see circulation. 
  4. Massage. Improving your blood circulation improves the nourishing quality of your blood leaving your skin more radiant and invigorated. 
  5. Lock in moisture. Put on step 4 Repair as a last instantly nourishing step, refreshing your skin, while repairing your skin barrier. It keeps your dry skin moistened and nourished for long hours. 
  6. Repeat step 2 and 4 during the day after every meeting. Keep your skin always a little bit humid and oily. Never let it become completely dry. Dryness will make it unreceptive. If you keep it humid, it will stay receptive for your 4 step skin care routine of Mothr Earth Proof® organic skincare ritual and your dry skin belongs to the past.

So this is your dry skin care routine: how to treat dry skin during winter

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Now we will talk about the best treatment for dry skin from internal perspective

As we’ve seen above, giving your skin enough water and food matters. From Traditional Japanese perspective treating your skin with the foods and drinks you take in, is as important as your outside Skin Care Routine. 

In fact, if you want to change your dry skin into a normal skin you need to look at the root cause.

And that is actually quite simple. In this after season, autumn and winter, we need to keep our digestive fire burning. The cold outside needs to be counter acted by warming nourishing foods with vitamins and minerals and gentle warming spices.


Japanese tips to treat dry skin

So here is how to treat dry skin in winter from Japanese skin care point of view: 

  1. Eat three cooked meals a day if possible and at least two! That sounds a lot of work. But what do you think of eating a little bit of warming soup in the morning with a bit of protein. Eat warm vegetables or soup at noon and also eat warm in the evening. Avoid raw food, cold salades, cold and raw vegetables and fruits.
  2. Reduce drinking black tea, coffee, red wine and green tea. (So white wine you can drink ;-))
  3. Omit hot spices (hot spices have a heating effect and heat dries out bodily fluids/juices).
  4. Drink 1-2 liters of hot water or horse tail infusion daily.
  5. Drink hot bone broth as often as you can. It is adding valuable nourishing vitamins and minerals to your body and it contains natural collagen in a most absorbable form.
  6. Start your day with taking organic silicium. It will improve your dry skin, nourishing it with the mineral.


Free skin care advice at MOTHR EARTH PROOF® - how to treat dry skin in winter

If you need a free skincare advice, pleas e-mail us at sending us picture and a description of your skin. We will come back to you with an advice.

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