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100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
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Maybe you recognize it? After a good night's sleep, you still wake up with swollen eyelids? Bet you get asked if you 'didn't sleep well'. Or your mother or colleague says: 'was your baby ghosting again? Or are you a little tired?’  

But what is it with the skin around the eyes?

Almost everyone acknowledges that it is a very sensitive area. An argument used by your beauty consulent to sell you the next miracle eye cream, that all will be well if you buy. I know, we want to believe it… I also want a miracle for my eye contour.

A miracle for the eye contour

Keeping it without any visible wrinkles is also my aim. It is a form of self care and love, taking care of your appearance. Let’s have a closer look at the function of the eye contour area. How does the whole of skin and underlying tissues around your eyes work?

Your eye contour

A lot of things happen around the eyes. In order for the eyes to function smoothly, we need a lot of fluid and blood supply. So there are many refined structures present in this area. Many small blood vessels, nerves,  lymph nodes and lymph vessels are working hard to keep the function of the eyes at it’s best.

Delicate under eye area

The structures of vessels, nerves and lymphs are small and refined and close to the surface with a thin and sensitive layer of skin on top of it. You can probably imagine that this area is sensitive to al kinds of influences inside and outside your body. Air pollution, the quality and digestibility of your diet, your health behavior (smoking, alcohol, drugs, worrying, stress, anxiety, fear and an uncontrollable stream of thoughts.

Your health behavior

It all affects the function of our body and specially the more sensitive area’s like the eye contour. It is a sensitive area that needs a lot of moisture, blood, circulation and transport. So if your health is in someway compromised by your behavior, it shows in the delicate under eye area. 

Do you listen to the signs of your body?

Swelling or under eye puffiness is a symptom, an alarm bell, you can investigate. I will mention some very simple causes here. If you have severe swelling, please do consult your physician.

Disturbance in the drainage of lymphatic fluid

A major culprit for swollen eyelids is that new creme or facial oil you bought. Put any oil or cream based care product on the eye contour during sleep et voila, I asure you that you will get swollen eyelids. This is a major cause off puffiness of the eye contour. By putting the creme or face oil around your eyes while sleeping you block the lymph drainage through the skin. It is as if this area shows the effect of blocking the lymphatic system more quickly than any other area in the body.

Sleeping on your stomach also causes the cavities of your sinuses and nose to fill with mucus and fluid (watch how your nose closes during a massage where you lie on your stomach). Those cavities are so close to your eyes that the lymph drainage around your eyes is also affected.

There are of course many other causes of eye puffiness that are connected to your health. I will not discuss these in this skincare blog. 



  1. NEVER put any facial creme or face oil on your eye contour WHILE SLEEPING. Leave the wider eye contour nude (without any skincare product of any kind during the night). 
  1. SLEEP on your BACK. Sleeping in any other position is a sort of a 'bad habit', specially if you do not want puffy eyes, but also your neck and back can be painful after sleeping on your stomach. 

The 4 steps of MOTHR EARTH PROOF® organic skincare ritual are mainly intended for daytime use. Only step 2 and step 4 can be applied to the area far away from your wider eye contour.

During the day, all 4 steps of MOTHR EARTH PROOF® organic skincare ritual are also suitable for the sensitive skin around the eyes. So you don't need a separate eye cream during the day.

Did you know that our 4 step skincare line is multi functional? It has more than 11 functions.

You need less product, so you use it longer and our 4 steps have more functions (more than 11). 

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