STEP 3 - ELIXIR | vitamin bomb

Vitality is one of the most precious assets of a youthful looking skin

This very fast absorbing elixir is a next level vitality booster, that drips into your skin before you know it. It fast goes into deeper layer’s. And we love it.❤️
We tried many ingredients with their effect on the skins vitality and look and feel. This one is the perfect combination of beautiful botanicals that absorb very fast while nourishing to create this vital skin look.
Aging skin, dry skin, oily skin, acne skin. All can use some STEP 3 - ELIXIR | vitamin bomb to prevent:

  • dryness
  • but also to calm the skin
  • to prevent and calm inflammations
  • to bring balance in the sebum production
  • and to deeply nourish and
  • boost your skin’s vital self healing properties.

    Beautiful botanicals

    Abyssinian, blackberry, tzubaki, baobab and apricot will do that for you 😉. All to boost your skin's vitality. 

    Because of it’s very special ingredients this vitamin bomb | ELIXIR is called a miracle ELIXIR to prevent aging, moisture loss, acne or any other skin irregularity.


    1. Apply 3 drops on cheeks and forehead of STEP 3 - ELIXIR | vitamin bomb in the (still) wet skin drink | SERUM of STEP 2.
    2. massage both ELIXIR and SERUM together onto your skin to stimulate vitality and to strengthen the elasticity of your skin. A vital glow, well hydrated and nourished will keep your skin protected for many hours.
    3. When you used too many drops of the ELIXIR and you don’t like the skin feel, please add some STEP 2 - SERUM. The ELIXIR will absorb better by adding SERUM and the skin feel will normalize.
    4. As the last STEP of our 4 step organic skincare ritual you can add the overall protecting and repairing layer of STEP 4 - REPAIR BOOST to complete the ritual. Feed your skin!
    5. Night time use: you can apply STEP 2 SERUM and STEP 3 ELIXIR onto your cleansed skin before sleep. 
    6. But please do leave the wider eye contour without any product. That will prevent swelling of the under eye area. When sleeping the under eye area can only be treated with an anti puffiness serum without hydration and creamy or oily ingredients, otherwise it will swell. One of our next formulations will be an anti puffiness eye serum. We'll keep you posted on that.

            Different skintypes

            • Oily types: If you have a very very oily skin, the scrub of STEP 1 will give enough food for the day.
            • Oily to normal types: as soon as your skin is oily to normal you will probably need two steps and want to add STEP 2 skin drink | SERUM.
            • Dry types: if your skin is dry you might need three steps and need also STEP 3 ELIXIR | vitamin bomb.
            • Dry to very dry types and age 30+ :  you probably need all four steps and complete it with STEP 4 REPAIR BOOST | for ever young as your daily skincare ritual – MOTHR EARTH PROOF® has specially formulated for you. 

             MOTHR EARTH PROOF® for all skin types