The Product Story | SCRUB & SHINE - step 1

Cleansing, smoothing, radiant bright SCRUB & SHINE - the end of black pores

SSSTT …. Don’t tell we are spoiled by this product.

This very ‘addictive’ daily use STEP 1 - SCRUB & SHINE is a wonderful innovative deep cleansing and moisturizing stimulation for your skin. And if you have more time, you can use it as a mask to feed the skin more in depth.

  • What you may expect is that this scrub will give your skin an uplifting skinfeel, as if your skin will absorb what it hasn’t had for a long time: real natural skin food.
  • The rich STEP 1 - SCRUB & SHINE cream blends in easily with the natural lipids of the skin. And while feeding, this scrub gently removes all dead skincells, pollution and irregularities in depth.
  • It will tone up, because you stimulate the blood circulation through the massage with the gentle scrub beads.
  • Then when you rinse the scrub beads off with warm water, the layer of preciously nourishing natural moisture will stay on your skin. Let it be there.
  • It will be absorpbed by the time you leave the shower and pad your face gently dry. It's as if your skin awakens, after a long time.
  • If you have a very oily skin, this scrub will give enough food for the day.
  • The gently texture goes deep into your skin layers where it is taking out the dirt of daily air pollution.
  • as well as removing dead skin cells and at the same time preventing trans epidermal water loss.
  • Massaging the creamy exfoliating texture of pure mango and shea into your skin, whether it is dry or oily, it will bring balance in your sebum production after longer use. 
  • STEP 1 - SCRUB & SHINE tunes into your skin’s natural barrier, without taking it of (as most scrub products do), instead it cleanses the skin’s natural sebum layer, and gives it new food, new moisture, and new shine and resilience, strengthening and building up the natural barrier. 
  • Black pores will become as clean as they have never been before after some time of use. 
  • STEP 1 - SCRUB & SHINE has a natural very gentle scent of chamomile and rosemary that eases your morning ritual, opening up all your senses. Chamomile essential oil is said to work emotionally balancing and heart chakra opening.

The precious ingredients are the purest you can get and match to your skin’s own lipidic layers. Let us know how you experience this scrub. Please post a picture of your face while using it.

Precaution: SCRUB is never used on acne.