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100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
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4 Steps in 4 minutes... 

Some time ago, when I did not have a consistent skincare routine, I just used the products that I came across. Curious as I am, always looking for better, more satisfying skincare. I used many skincare products: creams, lotions, masks, cleansers, detoxifyers, black pore removers, very very expensive anti-aging cremes, moisturizers, scrubs, toners, mists…. And so on.

My Skincare Routine?

In front of the mirror al these products were glancing at me……….Many of them where not doing anything at all. Others did a bit, But none where satisfying my skin. So you could say I had NO consistent skincare routine at all…. 

The products in my so called curious and at random skincare routine where not able to make their point in effectiveness. So finally I threw them away. All of them. I could only do that, because I have a set routine with MOTHR EARTH PROOF® organic skincare ritual. 100% natural and pure plant based. I’ll explain below how it is built up.

Here it is... My skincare routine!

My new skincare routine has 4 steps. Yes, it is a 4 step skincare routine, not a 7 step or a 10 step. The 4 steps of my new skincare routine do replace al the products I used before. As I mentioned above. In fact my skincare routine of MOTHR EARTH PROOF® is multi functional. It has more than 11 functions in it. And above all.. it is 100% natural, vegan - ooh I mean plant based… I don’t like the word vegan, because it is also used for plastics and all kind of very unnatural and nature and body harming synthetics. My skincare routine is also organic and pure.

And guess what?

For the first time, my skincare routine is effective, satisfying and I can stick to it. It works! In front of my mirror there are 2 bottle and 2 jars.

My skincare routine not only works for me, it works for all the women, men and young girls I gave my samples. To try and review it.

My skin has never been better. Radiant, plump, fine lines and wrinkles are almost not visible, my skin is comfortable, soft, smooth, nourished, moisturized. Even at the end of the day. I am 55 years of age. I have a mixed skin. Eye area, cheeks and jawline are very dry, but around the nose, chin and between the brows I have a bit more sebum/oil. My 4 step skincare routine takes care of my skin in an incredible effective way.

So let’s have a closer look 

In the morning I want my face to wake up….like I wake up with a cup of coffee… making me happy, lifting my mood… giving me radiance….a WOW -factor. For me that means I need to wash my face, I need Luke warm water and my Step 1 Scrub & Shine cleansing, masking, black pores removing, nourishing, smoothing, circulation stimulating, moisturizing, detoxing SCRUB & SHINE. Yes, my favorite ‘must have’ exfoliator that does it all: 

  • Wake up the skin,
  • stimulating by massage,
  • scrubbing it gently
  • removing black pores
  • nourishing deep
  • detoxing
  • smoothing and softening
  • masking
  • cleansing 

No ‘normal’ (what is normal?) scrub on the market can do that for me, the way I want it! The usual available scrub :-), even the very expensive ones, dry out, or only fulfill 1 function. My favorite has 8 functions and more.....No wonder it is so empty now in front of the mirror.

Okay, what’s the next step in my skincare routine

After my favorite wake-up call STEP 1 scrub & shine, my skin is already nourished. It is also open without resistance to absorb the very precious STEP 2 SERUM Hyaluron extreme moisture. This step 2 is specifically formulated to align with step 1 and with step 3 and 4.

Why that is important?

During my long search for a perfect skincare routine, I tried to layer my skincare products. Most of the time this layering doesn’t work, because the products are not aligned with each other. Noticable in the grainy after effect of two layers on top of each other. Our 4 step skincare routine is explicitly aligned. All steps can be used together.

Back to my skincare routine:

"my skin is deeply moisturized after step 2 SERUM and the circulation of the scrub massage becomes calm". 

Some skin food

I feel my skin is still in need for more food. That’s when step 3 face oil ELIXIR | a true vitamin bomb comes in. This step is formulated to nourish deep and to lock in the moisture of step 2. I massage my skin again to give it even more radiance. The Face Oil ELIXIR is very fast absorbing. It goes into your skin with ease.

The Face Oil ELIXIR is calming my sebum production, and giving my dry skin the food it needs to boost my own collagen production with vitamin A, E, B and C.. The face oil is full of vitamins and anti-oxidants to help you achieve that radiant youthful glow.

Final layer to be good the whole day

Now, my skin needs still a little bit more covering and repair stimulation. I need STEP 4 REPAIR, to keep my skin barrier soft and smooth all day long. In this step we've put a very special ingredient. Ectoine. It is a super amino acid that repairs damaged skin cells and gives me that flawless look. Forever youthful is what I like.

"People always tell me I am much younger then they are. In fact I am older. I just look younger, and naturally!!".

Get your 4 step skincare routine now! To achive your radiant flawless skin.


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