founder - creator - fotographer - formulator

Andrea van Reeken-Slee

Throughout the journey of establishing MOTHR EARTH PROOF® organic skincare, we've been fortunate to receive support from numerous individuals who share our vision and mission. Without their unwavering belief in our message, we wouldn't have reached this point today. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your contributions towards MOTHR EARTH PROOF® and the advancement of 100% natural skincare.


creative - designer - Brand ID

Crisja Ran

Crisja Studio
@crisja_ran on Instagram
Id - Branding - Art director

Starting with Crisja Ran from Crisja Studio. Crisja is one of the core sparring partners of our team and is investing in our new brand by her graphic design and ID Branding expertise! She designed our logo and is behind the visual part of MOTHR EARTH PROOF®. We are soo proud to have her in our midst.

Marketing director

Lilian Wanders - Le Clerque

Lilian is our marketing director. With great persuasiveness and connection, she leads us all towards strong results. She is always busy connecting, strengthening, and bringing ideas to life. The entrepreneurial spirit and creative way of thinking she learned from her grandfather, who was delighted that his granddaughter found it time to accompany him to clients at the age of four. Lilian provides us with direction and keeps us on track. With her, we aim for results through connection.


Maikel Hendrikx

Maikel is our online marketing specialist. He works, like no other agency, 'from our seat' instead of offering a standard marketing spiel. From building webshops and websites to managing SEA, SEO, social media advertising, and email marketing, to crafting valuable content... He is here to help us and get the best results we can get in our to achive our goals through online marketing. We are soo happy to have him in our midst!

Maikel Hendrikx

student communications science

Lotte Sauren

Student & model
Communication Specialist & Creative Media, studying communications science at the University of Amsterdam (UVA)

Lotte Sauren, my daughter, works in a creative way. She is very fast when it comes to creating social media strategies. With her by my side, we dive into the world of social platforms, brainstorming about creative ways to establish MOTHR EARTH PROOF® as the ultimate must have skincare brand. Her passion for creativity knows no bounds, and her ability to transform ideas into content that connects with the audiences is truly remarkable. 

A creative stylist

Lisa Dorrestijn


Lisa, our social media maven, effortlessly brings fresh creativity to our digital presence. Her boundless energy and innovative spirit infuse every aspect of our social media strategy, making her an absolute joy to have on the team. From conceptualizing captivating content to providing invaluable styling expertise during our shoots, Lisa's contributions are truly invaluable. While currently immersed in her role at Mart Visser, her passion for our brand remains unwavering, as she continues to inspire and generate ideas. Lisa, you are truly cherished!

personal coach and actress

Anouk van Nes


Anouk van Nes, actress and personal coach, stands as a prominent figure in promoting our brand, MOTHR EARTH PROOF® organic skincare. Anouk wholeheartedly embraces both our skincare line and its underlying message: TO CONNECT ACTIVE PEOPLE TO THE POWER OF NATURE. Her captivating presence enriches our shoots, exuding a remarkable strength and radiance that we deeply admire

Great pictures

Valentina Verbeek


Valentina Verbeek has done some foto shoots for us. Her work is very professional and creative. She thinks fast, solves problems that suddenly occur, and stays calm under all circumstances. We love to work with her! 

student law & economics

Yara Stralendorf

@yarastralendorff on Instagram
Student & model

Yara is a key figure in our MOTHR EARTH PROOF® campaign. We admire her powerful and distinctive portrayal of a strong woman in our photos. We eagerly anticipate seeing her grace the front page of @VOGUE Germany or @VOGUE International in the near future!

illustrator for fashion and cosmetics

Josien Bruinsma

@strikethatpose on Instagram
Artist in illustrations for glossy magazines

Josien Bruinsma, has crafted the paper illustrations for our product instructions. Her elegant, airy, and lucid style graces several of our paper flyers. We are immensely pleased with her contributions to MOTHR EARTH PROOF®. I envision her illustrating for glossy magazines one day; her style would be a perfect fit. Josien is a genuine artist, in addition to her roles as a yoga teacher and breath coach at STRIKE THAT POSE.

Student cultural literature & analysis

Suzy Schagen on Instagram
Student & model

Suzy, like Yara, is one of the key figures in our campaign for MOTHR EARTH PROOF®. She embodies a dreamy, gentle yet strong womanly appearance!

Psychology student & model

Awa Albers

@awa.albers on Instagram
Student & model

We adore Awa and her captivating presence, as well as her radiant beauty. Awa is one of the primary models in our campaign. Take a moment to appreciate her pictures and enjoy. We hope she will be discovered by @VogueGermany or @VogueInternational soon.

student of medicine

Kira Slee

Kira is one of those rare models with unique beauty. We love to feature her pictures on our website. Currently, Kira is studying, and perhaps next year, she plans to pursue a degree in medicine.

Student communications science

Dune Daffin

Dune, a talented model and dedicated UVA student, graces our endeavors with her captivating presence. Her ethereal beauty, exuding purity and grace, adds an unparalleled charm to our visual narratives. We are delighted to welcome her into our fold, as her radiant aura and genuine spirit uplift our team. Dune's unwavering positivity serves as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating our path forward with hope and enthusiasm.

student communications

Lieke van Zanen

Lieke, a dedicated model and aspiring communications scholar at the esteemed UVA, graces our MOTHR EARTH PROOF® shoots with her enchanting presence. Her innate radiance and joyful disposition infuse our endeavors with a delightful energy, casting a luminous glow over our projects. Lieke's genuine spirit and unwavering positivity bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to every scene, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

true beauty


Michelle emerges as a fresh face in our campaign, her allure characterized by a unique, unadulterated beauty. Her graceful presence lends invaluable support as she showcases our products with elegance and charm.

smart and responsive

Bart van Reeken

Bart van Reeken, a distinguished lawyer and esteemed partner at Van Doorne, serves as our trusted advisor on matters of investment and contractual agreements. His expertise and guidance are invaluable assets as we navigate the intricate landscape of business dealings. Additionally, Bart fulfills a pivotal role as our primary contact person for engaging with potential investors in MOTHR EARTH PROOF®. With his depth of knowledge and dedication to our cause, Bart plays a vital role in shaping the future success of our venture.