Connecting you to the power of nature

100% natural - plant based - organic - pure

We believe nature is the essence of life. Living in harmony with it, brings us peace, happiness, health and a future for our children. We connect you to the power of nature by giving you the experience of 100% natural highly effective 4 step skincare. Let's all connect to MOTHER EARTH now!

we believe in the power of nature

STEP 3 VITAMIN BOMB elixir - to seal in moisture - green glass bottle - passion fruit seeds

we believe in the power of nature

Inspired by nature

Nature has everything we need. Let's look around us and see that she grows plants and herbs all around us, with medicinal power to help take care of our health. Also our skin health can benefit enormously from Nature's powerful botanicals. We connect you to that power by our 4 step skincare.

footprint responsible

Earth our shareholder

Everything we do, we do with Earth in mind. If we ask ourselves, 'What happens if we do this or that?' Earth gives us focus. Every choice we make is driven by its effect on our beautiful little green-blue planet. We started footprint respsonsible and continue to reduce it as we grow.

in harmony with nature

Future of our planet is the future of our children

We care about our planet, and the future of our children. And we want to stimulate awareness of nature and how nature can help you have a beautiful skin and is at the same time a planet proof option. "I think it is important that we connect to nature and start respecting what she is able to give us without depleting her. We should be focused on that in everything we do. It is as Richard Louv says it: "if children don't grow up knowing about nature, and appreciating it, they will not understand it, and if they don't understand it, they won't protect it. And then who will?"

where it all started

MOTHR EARTH PROOF® - anno 2021

MOTHR EARTH PROOF®, established by Andrea van Reeken-Slee and headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is driven by her profound appreciation for the healing capabilities of natural ingredients. At the core of MOTHR EARTH PROOF® is a 4-step facial skincare regimen designed to harness the potent benefits of natural elements. "My journey into the world of herbs and plants began at the age of 17, sparking a passion that only intensified during my studies in both Western and Eastern medicine." This deep connection with the treasures of nature ultimately led to the inception of MOTHR EARTH PROOF®.

nature has everything we need

Skin care of the future is 100% natural

The Earth nurtures plants and herbs with inherent healing properties, forging a connection to the vast power of nature. Among its gentle strengths is the ability to bestow upon you a beautiful and healthy skin.

behind the scene

Anouk & Georgina

ancient knowledge in modern perspective

Ancient skincare rituals

Before I delved into formulating, I pondered numerous thoughts about recipes, ingredients, and their effects. Once I decided to put those thoughts into practice and began building the brand, my curiosity about formulations grew, leading me to study organic skincare formulation. I have a passion for formulating, researching natural ingredients, and understanding their effects on the skin. However, what inspires me most and works best for my own skin are the ancient skincare rituals. They authentically bring about TRUE BEAUTY - POWERED BY NATURE.

it took us 2 years

Modern skincare technology

So, I started building my own natural skincare brand with these ancient natural routines in mind. I collaborated with a Dutch laboratory specialized in 100% natural formulation (with over 40 years of experience in natural skincare) while ensuring strict compliance with European regulations. It took us 2 years from the start to launch, but we did it.

STEP 3 VITAMIN BOMB elixir - to seal in moisture - green glass bottle - passion fruit seeds

a glowing skin

The benefits of pure plant elixir

In my quest for a more glowing and healthy skin, ancient skincare routines came together. I discovered the great benefits of organic, high-impact ingredients and layered skincare. And that is where MOTHR EARTH PROOF® - 4-step skincare ritual was born. It is a layered and very gentle skincare routine, with respect for the natural skin barrier. First, you cleanse it gently, massage it, mask it, rinse off, then moisturize with highly potent but natural ingredients, then feed it with pure plant elixir, and finally, you put on the last repairing protecting layer to maintain that beautifully hydrated, nourished look for many hours. Four steps. OUR 4-STEP SKINCARE FOLLOWS THIS RITUAL.

an empowering product

Ghanaian women

Our exquisite shea butter hails from the lush lands of Ghana. For numerous years, our esteemed supplier has fostered a steadfast relationship there, exclusively collaborating with women from nearby villages. They meticulously gather the shea butter, ensuring its purity through meticulous filtration, before entrusting it to the laboratory where MOTHR EARTH PROOF® works its magic.

As they embark on another journey to visit their supplier this year, it's important to note that they refrain from participating in large-scale plantations. Instead, they honor the traditional methods, sourcing shea nuts from the tranquil countryside villages and expertly crafting them into shea butter within those very communities.

Our Step 1 Scrub&Shine stands as a testament to empowerment, a luxurious product designed with women at its heart. It not only lavishes care upon its users but also extends its benevolence to the local community, particularly women and their families.

make sure your skin care is pure

We love skin & planet

What is the most significant challenge facing skin, health, and the planet today? It's our diet, synthetic substances, microplastics, and air pollution, all of which compromise both skin health and the well-being of our planet. MOTHR EARTH PROOF® is an answer to that question. Connecting you to the power of nature.

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