STEP 4 - REPAIR | I want to be for ever young

Congratulations! You purchased a wonderful REPAIR booster at MOTHR EARTH PROOF® - organic skincare ritual. 

Repair boost instantly gives you’re skin new beauty

With Ectoin® - super ingredient.

A true hand bag essential. We are so exited. To present you our innovative booster! Because this next level REPAIR boost gives your skin what it needs during the day, as Step 4 REPAIR booster on top of the other 3 steps - as the final layer in the basic 4 step skincare ritual.

At MOTHR EARTH PROOF® we believe in layers of skincare on top of each other. That is our basic 4 step skincare routine.

It is an ancient use, originally seen in Japanese skincare systems. I made a study of it when I was in Japan! I was inspired, because for the first time my mixed (oily at the T-zone and dry at the remaining parts) skin was not in need of more moisture and nourishment during the day and after a night of sleep.

MOTHR EARTH PROOF® - organic skincare ritual has formulated this product to meet your skins need for instant repair. It contains the super amino acid Ectoin®. Scientific research shows that Ectoin is an effective super ingredient - new in 100% natural skincare.

Bitop Ectoin® natural is a very powerful natural stress-protection molecule, a so-called "extremolyte". This multifunctional active ingredient is able to prevent cell damage and inflammation caused by all sorts of stress factors, thereby preserving the skin´s beauty and health.

The proven results of Ectoin® as an ingredient in skincare are

  • Cellular protection and boosting of skin’s self-defense (in vivo)

  • Global anti-pollution efficacy (in vivo)

  • Prevention of UV-induced skin damage (in vivo)*)

  • Wrinkle improvement (in vivo)

  • Long-term hydration – up to 7 days (in vivo)

  • Improvement of skin roughness and scaling (in vivo)

  • Skin barrier repair and reinforcement (in vivo)

  • Inflammation reduction and anti-irritant (in vivo)

This incredible super ingredient is in our REPAIR formula at a very active percentage!


 Day time use

  1. Apply this REPAIR BOOST as the last STEP 4 of your MOTHR EARTH PROOF® daily skincare routine on top of the other 3 layers of deep care. Repair your skin!

  2. During the day feel instant comfort & refreshing hydration and pollution protection. After a long meeting, it will give you a better and refreshed look. 

  3. Apply REPAIR BOOST on top of your make-up to refresh and prevent dryness in dry and air-conditioned areas. 
  4. Gently pat the REPAIR BOOST with the tip of your fingers on the needy areas.
  5. You can also use REPAIR BOOSTER as an eye contour creme. All 4 step products can be used around the eye, because the ingredients are natural and so gentle. Your look will improve instant! Fine lines will fade.
 Night time use
  1. During the night, apply this cream directly onto cleansed skin, as a true beauty REPAIR BOOSTER. 
  2. But please do avoid the wider eye area during sleep. During sleep always avoid the wider eye contour area with all creams and oils! Because they will puff the eye contour.
  3. Helps prevent moisture loss up to 7 days.  


              Different skintypes

              • Oily types: If you have a very very oily skin, this scrub will give enough food for the day.

              • Oily to normal types: as soon as your skin is oily to normal or dry you will probably want to add STEP 2 skin drink | SERUM.

              • Dry types: if your skin is dry you might need also STEP 3 ELIXIR | vitamin bomb.

              • Dry to very dry types and age >30:  you probably also need to add STEP 4 REPAIR BOOST | for ever young as your daily skincare ritual – MOTHR EARTH PROOF® has specially formulated for you. 

              MOTHR EARTH PROOF® for all skin types