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100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
100% natural - plant based - organic - pure
we believe in beauty powered by nature
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GUIDE | If you have an oily skin, this might interest you! Oily skin is a common skin type that affects people of all ages and backgrounds. While it can be a source of frustration for many, it's essential to remember that having oily skin is not all bad. In fact, the excess sebum production can have its benefits, such as delaying the aging process. But still most individuals prefer to have a normal easy going skin without any worry. So let's dive into that oily skin, how to get rid of it!


Oily skin, how to get rid of it? 

In this journal post of MOTHR EARTH PROOF® organic skincare ritual I will explore - with you - the oily skin, and how to get rid of it. What the causes are. And how you can take care of it with practical at home tips. In the meanwhile helping you to embrace your natural beauty with confidence.


What is an oily skin?

Oily skin, also known as seborrhea, is characterized by excessive sebum production. Sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin. And it's essential for keeping the skin hydrated. However, when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, it can lead to an oily shiny complexion, enlarged pores, and potential skin issues like acne.


Japanese skin philosophy

Our 4 step skin care routine is Japanese inspired. It means that your basic skin health is influenced by many factors. But your dietary habits are on the top number one!  No healthy skin care routine can hide that. And it isn’t great to hear, but your skin will show what you eat. Read about our philosophy.


Western versus Eastern views

Western view

In the West doctors tend to separate organs from the rest of the body and treat them likewise. They tend to zoom in when they want to know more about a specific part. That is a great power, but also its inherent weakness. This is a rather mechanical view, as if the body is like for example a car, put together well, and it will work as you want it to. Simply put.

The Eastern view

Doctors and health professionals in the Eastern continent, Asia, do not separate any part of the body to get their diagnosis for their patients. You are treated as an individual. With a view on your integral condition. When they want to know more about a specific organ, they do not only zoom in. They first zoom out. To search for patterns you can only see from a distance.


The Skin is an integral part of your body

The skin forms a very large organ in your body. And it is directly connected to your health. The main issue of this blog post Oily skin, how to get rid of it, will be treated as an integral health issue. It concerns your constitution (what you’ve inherited from your parents, let’s say your hardware) and your current condition (how you are now at this moment in time) and how these two are influenced by internal and external factors.

This is the basic scheme to discuss any health problem in the Eastern medicinal approach. It applies to your skin as well.


The root cause of oily skin

So now you know that your constitution, your current condition and internal and external influencing factors may influence how your skin looks. It is here that both views Western and Eastern come together. Root causes can be: 

  • Constitution or Genetics: Oily skin can be hereditary, meaning it's passed down through your family. 
  • Internal Influence of Hormonal Changes: Hormonal changes, especially during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause, can increase sebum production. Eastern views tend to have more influence on, in this case oily skin, and how to get rid of it. Hormones are mainly influenced by your diet choices. So changing diet can balance hormones. And that will change your skin appearance. 
  • Dietary habits: Eastern and Western views are similar on this one. Consuming a high-fat, high-sugar, high-wheat  and high-diary diet can lead to increased oiliness, inflammation and breakouts. Although Eastern views are more refined and specific on the diet.


More practical at home tips

Eastern views tend to give more practical useful insights on how diet influences organs and also how you can adjust your diet - at home - to get rid of that oily skin as quick as possible. 

  • Environmental factors: Hot and humid weather can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. The Western view just accepts this. Eastern skin health professionals give you easy tools. To change it at home with your diet during hot and humid weather. Calming your sebaceous glands instantly, to produce less excess sebum.  
  • Incorrect skincare routine: using ingredients that will worsen your sebaceous glands oil production. Pure alcohol mists, alcohol cleansers, alcohol toners, alcohol serums, harsh synthetic skin care, any synthetic in your skincare. Why? Your skin is reacting on the unbalance that is created by harsh ingredients like alcohol. Alcohol has a drying effect, but too strong. The skin tries to balance the drying effect by putting the sebacious glands at work, even harder.  
Our 100% natural skin care routine - will change your look on skincare. The gentle, Japanese approach balances your oily skin by calming the oil production.  There is no effective synthetic solution to oily skin, and how to get rid of it! Only a natural balancing skincare routine will cahnge your oily skin for the better.


    Oily skin how to get rid of it - effectively!

    This ancient very practical philosophy, deeply rooted in Japanese culture, can provide a unique perspective on balancing oily skin. By harmonizing it, enhancing your overall well-being. I will give simple tips from this perspective. To make sure you get rid of your oily skin!


    MOTHR EARTH PROOF® founder Andrea has a background in Western  as well as Eastern Medicine including how to treat a.o. oily skin, how to get rid of it.


    The tips from Japanese skin care perspective 

    Oily skin, how to get rid of it? 

    1. Change your diet. What you eat shows in your skin, sooner or later. If you have oily skin, leave out all diary, stop all white sugar, stop eating chocolate (also dark chocolate), stop fatty fried foods and chips, replace them by healthy fats from fish and cooked vegetables, drink herbal infusions like KKV-tea (Koriander, Cumin and Fennel tea) during the season changes. Read about: ‘how to cook with the five elements’.
    2. Improve your digestive fire by eating hot meals full of stewed vegetables and vegetable proteins. A hot meal will be digested much more easily, leaving no undigested foods in the body and the tissues. Your skin will start to show and become less oily.
    3. Eat less. Eating less can lead to improved metabolic efficiency.
    4. Move every day for at least 30 minutes (preferably more) to improve circulation.
    5. Relax and destress. Stress has an influence on oily skin. Yoga and qi qong can help reduce the amount of stress.


    Skin care do’s for oily skin, how to get rid of it? 

    1. Double cleanse with our STEP 1 Exfoliating Scrub & Shine. The deep cleansing massage will remove all impurities, bacteria, dirt, make-up, air pollution. Then leave it on for 1 minute to detox with the Green Tea, Chamomile, Rosemary and Oriza Sativa rice. Then rinse with luke warm water to take off all dirt. Leave on the nourishing layer from this gentle scrub. Pad your face dry gently.
    2. Moisturize immediately after cleansing with the scrub with our STEP 2 SERUM HYALURON to calm your sebaceous glands. Hyaluron and Symphytum Officinalis will do that for you. Your oily skin will become less oily and with some time become a normal clear, unclogged, even skin. Even the black pores will be gone.
    3. Feed your skin to calm oiliness with our STEP 3 face oil ELIXIR. If you have oily skin, using our specially formulated high vitamin and anti-oxidant face oil will calm your sebum production. This works only together with step 1 and 2. Because an oily skin is unreceptive to nourishing skincare. Exfoliation will open it up. And gives you the possibility of calming it with our precious feca oil ELIXIR. 
    4. Be consistent with our 3 step skin care routine, so your skin will adapt, calm down and normalize oil production.

    Our 4 step Skin Care Routine is derived from traditional Japanese skincare methods, creating beautiful ageless skin.

    Get your 3 step skincare routine for oily skin now! 

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